Cole Masaitis guitarist, composer, writer, and a graduating senior studying music at the University of Mary Washington. He aspires to compose score, and be a sound designer for visual media, with an affinity towards video game music. Cole is a published Staff Writer at the UMW Blue and Gray Press, and has experience in booking concerts, performing live music, composing musical works, and audio production.

His piece Phantoms of Autumn, on the SoundCloud player below was presented at the 2014 Electroacoustic Barn Dance at the University of Mary Washington alongside composers and technicians from around the world. Cole’s music was accepted into the Spring 2016: UMW Undergraduate Symposium for both audio engineering and original composition, he presented original music at Fairmont State University, and is currently writing music for the original Kickstarter documentary Mother to Earth. His music has been described as “haunting, bittersweet, and nostalgic” and is largely influenced by musicians such as Joe Hisaishi, Tiny Moving Parts, Yasunori Mitsuda, and many more.

During his time at UMW, he studied composition under Dr. Mark Snyder and guitar under Bruce Middle. During the past few years, he performed alongside the White House Band and at two Jazz 4 Justice concerts as guitarist with the UMW Jazz Band. He also performed at the “South of the Border” concert with guest conductor Lucía Zicos in the UMW Guitar Ensemble, and the 2016 Electroacoustic Barn Dance as guitarist for an original composition by Austin O’Rourke.

He also enjoys learning piano, singing (or something like that) and listening to NPR Music. When he’s not working on music, he can be found writing, inhaling coffee, playing Super Smash Bros., and learning to breakdance.